Animated Corporate Videos

Why Animated Corporate Videos?

A corporate video is any type of non-advertisement video content created for and commissioned by a business, company or organization; and they are usually targeted towards your core audience or internal employees. 

Examples of corporate video include corporate overviews, staff training and safety videos, brand films, investor relations, etc.

As video becomes a more integral part of a company’s communication strategy and also a significant ranking factor for search engine optimization, often companies will release corporate videos with press release announcements, newsletters and other forms of communication, to bolster the message reach and effectiveness.

Animated Corporate Videos in Samsa

We believe that no technique is better than the other one and that, sometimes, the best way to convey a message is with a blend of two of them. We apply the same principle when it comes to combining animation and live footage. Especially with corporate videos. 

Creating animated content is our focus, but we are proud to be able to provide editing and on-site filming services, for when the characteristics of a particular project make necessary to add elements other than animated content.

Live action videos easily create empathy and viewers can quickly see themselves represented on the screen. At the same time, the animated content will allow us to show and demonstrate objects and concepts, in a very simple and effective way. 

In our video for Instaroom, for example, you have the creators of the app themselves explaining it and telling the viewer the concept behind the product, and at the same time, you can actually see how the app looks and feels like, introducing the viewer to the brand and their visual proposal in a smooth and siminless way.

Why Animated Corporated videos? See this reference!

Our video for Ultimate Solutions is a clear example of a corporate overview. A simple but stylish animation supports the voiceover introduction of the video, after which we see a representative of the company who’s gonna take us throughout the video. Live footage will show us their employees, facilities, production lines and offices; while motion graphics animations accentuate the message from the voice over, adding boldness to the visual message and a general frame to the piece.

A corporate overview will introduce the company or organization, highlight their mission, core values and achievements. These can be complemented by more specific messages, referring to a particular event or milestone. These overviews can also be tailored to specific audiences like investors or job applicants, but most commonly they work as a general introduction to the company or organization.

In Samsa Videos, we like to believe that we can explain anything. One of the secrets behind it, it’s our team’s capability of combining different animation techniques, together with live footage and other assets and resources, in order to convey your companies’ message in the most clear and effective way possible. From virtual events and explainer videos to 3D commercials and corporate overviews, Samsa Videos can assist you taking your marketing and communication strategy to the next level.

Samsa Videos, we build relationships.

Animated Corporate Videos

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