Animated Explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are designed to make a complex topic simple in 60 seconds or less.
It can condense a mountain of text into a clear, easy-to-understand video.
They are short, simple, creative, versatile and effective.

Animated explainer videos are designed to make a complex topic simple in 60 seconds or less

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    Benefits of Animated explainer videos

    There are certain characteristics of products or services that are often not easy to explain. Even less so when the user has little time to inform himself. One way to bridge this communication gap is through the use of explainer videos.
    They allow us:

    Reinforce the ideas we want to communicate.

    Transmit our brand identity.

    Keep the user’s attention while they are being informed.


    Factors to take into account in order to develop explainer videos.

    We must consider using this tool, if we want to explain our value proposal, the functionalities or main characteristics of a product or service.
    However, we should not overlook the channels where we will be using this content. This will delimit our field of execution in terms of the number of ideas, characteristics or attributes on which we will focus when developing the explainer video.


    Animation techniques for Animated explainer videos

    The techniques usually used for this type of content are 2D or 3D motion graphics. These are the two main techniques that can be used separately or together. The use of one or the other will depend on many factors, but mainly on what you want to tell or show. To find out more about their qualities and the relationship between the two visit our article “2D and 3D Animation
    Also, when the project requires it, we can include the traditional or cell animation. This has a unique ability to achieve expressions and movements impossible with other techniques.

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