Benefits of Video Marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing

Nowadays, exhibiting raw and static information to the user is not enough. If we want the user to engage, we must try to display information in a more entertaining, dynamic way.

Video Marketing as a tactic has proven to be one of the most powerful tools available in order to capture the viewer’s attention.

Video Marketing brings a solution to the communicator, as he will assure that the fundamental information is transmitted, and also to the audience, who want to be informed as quickly as possible while obtaining the essentials. So, to this matter, adapting to new communication trends is a must.

But, Why exactly is Video Marketing so important? Here’s a few reasons.

It’s Precise: The user obtains more real and dynamic information about the product or service. The user can see it with its own eyes to understand if it is what he/she needs.

It’s Authentic: Animated video helps us to show our brand identity. It is easier to perceive certain characteristics through a video than through a text.

It Increases visits duration: Video content increases the average duration of users on a website. We have better chances to have the user looking at a video than reading a text, and if they do, the possibility of the user contacting, informing, and/or buying increases.

Effective Communication: The user obtains more real and dynamic information about the product or service. The user can see it with his/her own eyes in order to understand if it is what he/she needs.

Improves Positioning: Google has been giving priority to videos, showing those relevant videos within the Web sites in the first positions of the search engine. It also influences SEO, given the increase in the average duration of visits.

Credibility: As a picture is worth a thousand words, a video shows and tells better than text or a picture. Video marketing provides very high levels of credibility.

It’s Social Media Friendly: Social video generates much more shares than text and images combined. If your brand creates video content that the intended audience enjoys, people are more likely to share it or at least interact with it.

Key points of Video marketing

In a nutshell, video makes for better marketing because it can easily appeal to emotion. A really great story can communicate the entire character of a brand in a 60 seconds video involving image, color, sound, and movement. Nothing can beat that.

At Samsa, we work on every project as if it were the last. Communication is our passion, we love bringing your brand to life through authentic, creative, and dynamic videos. We understand the longing impact a video can have on an audience if done in the right way. That’s why we firmly believe in video as the most effective marketing tool within a content strategy.

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Benefits of Video Marketing

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