Animated Commercial Videos

Animated commercial videos are 100% sales-oriented and seek to hook the viewer. It requires a more extensive and detailed development than the other videos, an advanced level of design and animation to achieve a high impact content. Although all the videos require an artistic proposal, in the commercial videos this takes a singular importance.

Animated explainer videos are designed to make a complex topic simple in 60 seconds or less

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    Benefits of Animated
    commercial videos

    This type of video has the advantage of being attractive and brief, which allows us to increase engagement considerably. Thirty seconds or less is the ideal length to communicate what we need and ensure that the video is seen in full.

    Factors to take into account when making
    Animated commercial videos

    Given the characteristics of this type of content, they are not pieces that we can use to explain very detailed information. Rather, we must focus on transmitting the fundamental concepts that we believe can motivate the viewer to take the next step. Whether it be buying the product, getting information through a website or requesting a meeting.

    Animation techniques for
    Animated commercial videos

    This type of video can be made with any technique or mix between them. But we consider that if the objective is to make an impact, traditional animation and 3D animation are two techniques that, due to their characteristics, are better options. Each one with its own attributes, has and contributes with very distinctive elements. We could say that traditional animation gives us a more cinematographic, plastic and organic look. While 3D animation can give us a more immersive and spectacular experience.

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