Design Thinking apply to Animated Explainer Videos

Design Thinking apply to Animated Explainer Videos

What Design Thinking means and why is important in the creative process of an Animated Explainer Video.

Through Design Thinking we will develop value propositions centred in the product user, understanding their desires, taste and need; allowing every animated explanatory video to be perceived by the viewer in the best and most efficient way possible.

This “user centered” work methodology is especially important nowadays, as the companies need to know, not only how to communicate their message, but to who and how.

Design Thinking apply to animated explainer videos

Animated Explainer Videos

In Samsa Videos, we are specialists in creating animated explainer videos, that will allow the communication between our clients and their target audience to be clear and effective. By adopting this methodology, we will be able to have an even better understanding of the techniques and resources to be implemented in every project.

Every product we develop, it will be based on a profound study of the different user prototypes that our client may have. We are committed not only to create attractive and visually appealing content, but effective and with a concrete impact in our clients target audience.

The work will be multidisciplinary and will be divided into 5 stages.

Design thinking to go deeply of the content.

Design Thinking process for a explainer video

During the first three, we will study the target audience of our explainer video, looking to understand their needs and preferences, gathering the relevant information needed.

The secret for this process to be successful is to go beyond the information common to the entire group, focusing on clues and hints that will provide new perspectives when designing and creating an effective and innovative design.

During the second part of the process, we propose to build a creative and participatory space, including the client and our creative team, together with small focus groups representing the target audience

During the final stage of the process, audience measurements with real users will be conducted during the content production process, looking to make a difference by fully understanding the target audience.

After the release of the product, we propose to perform a product follow up, in order to recognise Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats; creating an opportunity to offer the possibilities of enhancing the product, for example, by adapting the product to new platforms or new target audiences

We have a passion for communication and our commitment is to communicate your message the best way possible. This drives us to constantly look for tools and resources to be able to fulfill that goal. Design Thinking will allow us to obtain valuable information about our target audience, supporting and backing up the tools, elements and resources we implement.

Design Thinking apply to Animated Explainer Videos

Samsa Videos, we create relationships.

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