Ideas in motion!

Samsa Videos is a creative studio specialized in animated content. We use shapes and movement to tell stories.

We create content with specific objectives. Explainer videos, Commercial ads, and Social Media Assets for any type of company or industry.

Below you can find a description and comparison of our main products, the resources we use and our workflow.


Social Media Assets

Attractive eye-catching videos tailored to get the attention of your target audience.

15 seconds


Classic advertising

High-impact videos designed to successfully showcase your brand or product.

30 Seconds


Informative content with commercial motives

Videos to turn your complex idea into something simple and easy to understand.

60 Seconds


Educational Content

A simple way to teach based on examples and provide information to carry out any task or process.

90 Seconds

How we work



Information displayed visually in a simple and clear way, using graphic resources such as iconography and typography. They are usually geometric and minimalist compositions.


Photographic and/or Videographic footage included as an additional visual resource. Enriching infographic compositions.

Add-on 1


Development of a story that includes actions performed by a character. We will create a narrative that includes a character and actions in scenarios and/or infographic backgrounds.

Add-on 2


A 3D scene that presents a product or iconographic elements. The background should be a flat color and the animation will be reduced to camera movements and small internal movements.

Add-on 3


Highly detailed animation, more complex movements and better transitions, in order to cause greater impact, and keep the viewer’s attention.

Add-on 4


Design and animation combined with live shots of products, locations, interviews, and fictional situations allow us to communicate better, creating powerful and engaging images, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Add-on 5


It is possible to add extra remediation rounds and add them to the project schedule.


We create or develop brands, representing their identity and true potential. Creating the bases of a clear and effective communication.


Design of illustrations and infographics aligned with the brand, and capable of synthesizing key ideas and processes.


3D modeling and shading for all kinds of applications such as AR, Ecommerce, Games, Web, and Video. Design, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Materials, Animation, Composition, Post Production.


Comprehensive, creative and technical web development.

Our packs are suggestions based on the most frequent choices made by our customers, but they are all customizable and combinable in order to configure the ideal solution for your business.

We apply a discount to the pack over unit production. The production will be organized with a series of deliveries and revisions for all the contents of the pack.


The payment schedule is based on the estimated project duration (measured in weeks). If the project is estimated to be produced in:

  • Four (4) weeks – Samsa requests two (2) payments:  50% at the beginning of the production and 50% after the final delivery.
  • Five (5) to Ten (10) weeks – Samsa requests 3 payments: 40% at the beginning, 30% after the design’s approval, and 30% after the final delivery.
  • Eleven (11) weeks or more – Samsa and the client will get to an agreement of a monthly payment plan.

Timeline & Schedule

After the Kick-off Call, the project manager will share a timeline in an interactive gantt format. This is a dynamic and flexible tool that includes:

  1. A fixed amount of working days necessary for Samsa to complete the different stages and deliver the final video/s.
  2. A variable amount of time for the Client to review the progress, evaluate it and ask for modifications.

Should the Client need more time to complete these actions, Samsa will modify the schedule in accordance with the amount of time needed.


All of the material produced will be property of the Client. Samsa Videos reserves the right to share the final product for promotional and marketing purposes, unless the client expressly requests otherwise.

Default Delivery Format

The final delivery will be in Full HD (1920×1080), in MP4 or MOV format and through Google Drive. Larger resolutions or other formats must be specifically quoted, taking into account the rendering time.

Languages & Translations

It’s possible to translate the video to multiple languages and/or add subtitles to it. We will need to quote this separately, considering which and how many languages we are translating the video to and its length.