Editorial Guadalupe

Digital campaign for Editorial Guadalupe.

We designed a Key Visual to rejuvenate the image of the company and a series of specific products for social networks: explainer videos, loops, illustrations and product photography.

Direction: Juanda Zuluaga
Photography: Francisco Gilges
Illustration: Nahuel Bardi
Animation: Flor Quercia

Samsa Videos
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2018.

Key Visual


We seek a guiding principle that works as a base for the designs made for this campaign. The Catholic religion made a big contribution in art history and we looked for inspiration there.

We decided to take special emphasis on the design of stained glass and the use of a basic design  principle known as “Structure”. It is a structural grid that serves as the basis for the creation of the final design, this structure is usually repetitive and mathematically proportional.

The image we created of the Virgin of Guadalupe was created with these parameters.




Ready to step up your game?

Ready to step up your game?