Eignapharma Case Study:


“Developing your pharmaceutical business is a challenge”. That’s the first spoken phrase in the explainer video we did for Eignapharma, and it’s also their main challenge. In this case study, we will review its production process, focusing on the use of abstract, yet effective animations.
Eignapharma is a company operating in the pharmaceutical business engaged in providing services to industry peers, especially qualified and experienced in Business Development, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs and GxP Compliance.


Challenges and particularities of the process

During the pre production meetings, the client had expressed a big concern: how to use creative animation in a way that would match the expectations and standards of the pharmaceutical industry, but looking stylish, attractive and original. They wanted to break the mold and create a video that could capture the professionalism of the company, together with their personal approach, without falling into the usual “normal” style of the industry. They knew it was possible to achieve and they trusted us to help them find it.

In order to get things rolling, a Design Thinking process was carried out together with the client. This is how the first decisions were made: the video was going to be aimed at small, medium, and large companies, the voiceover would be female, and the design style would be abstract and disruptive. At the same time, the narrative had to be a reflection of the dynamic process that the company performs on a daily basis with their clients. We should not only tell the audience about it, but also show it to them.

Foundation for the artistic proposal

Tools and techniques

Focusing on the support that Eignapharma provides to its clients (developers), it was decided to represent that relationship from a symbolic point of view. In the video you can see how a glowing sphere goes through a dark space, full of different challenges. With the help of Eignapharma, the sphere, previously disoriented, begins to find its way, to delimit itself and thus function dynamically, in an organized manner. It is the representation of the path that the client (developer) travels with the company.
The colors chosen for the look & feel of the video were based on the different shades of blue that characterize the image of the company.

Starting from there, the different dynamic scenarios with which the sphere interacts were developed. The intention was to reflect the fluid and changing nature of the various contexts in which the company operates. The idea that all their clients are different should be present, and regardless of their size, scope and objectives, Eignapharma can guide them in their development process.

At the same time, we worked a lot on the relationship between the technological and the human factors. The figures and designs allude to the balance between these two, emulating environments that feel technological and organic at the same time.

To do it naturally, we opted for a combination of 2D and 3D animation. By including the third dimension, it is possible to represent a reality with more perspective and depth.

Final comment

Based on the work carried out by our team, the concept and the main message were perfectly captured.

The project also leaves us with a lesson: there’s no unique formula and every project needs a unique perspective. And it’s through joint effort and transparent dialogue that it is possible to build ideas and videos that combine creativity, dynamism and precision in the message.

Samsa Videos - "Eignapharma"

3D Animation: Edwar Banquet
Direction: Juanda Zuluaga
Desing: Sebastian Gómez
Motion Graphics: Juanda Zuluaga
Production: Francisco Gilges