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Impact Economy

Impact Economy

Regarding our participation as Ambassador Partners in the S2B Impact Forum organized by Ship2B, we ratify our commitment to look for business opportunities advocating for both the sustainability of our planet and a positive impact on our society. The S2B Impact Forum gathers the social ecosystem with the aim of inspiring, upgrading and connecting its community through social innovation and disruptive practices, and find new ways to boost the Impact Economy.

The impact economy takes the middle ground between the market economy and the state economy. In the market economy the government is responsible for public goods and sets the conditions for economic activity, while private companies produce and sell private goods on the market for the private benefit of their shareholders. On the other hand, in a state economy, the government is responsible for producing public and private goods. Companies may produce private goods, but they are state-owned steered for the common good but often at the cost of efficiency and individual initiative.

Que es la Economia de Impacto

What does Impact Economy mean?

The Impact Economy aims to balance profit and impact. While the government still produces the classical public goods, such as justice and defence, the government and companies jointly care for the other public goods directed at the common good of sustainable development, including clean air, equal treatment and social equality. Companies are run for profit to promote entrepreneurship and efficiency. They also aim for a positive impact on society and environment.

The Impact Economy has grown exponentially during the past decade due to “impact investing”, which are investments that consider not only financial returns, but also the effect these investments have on society-at-large. It brings together thousands of people, businesses and investors from around the world, forming a strong community that uses the economy as a force for good. It comprises organizations and private entrepreneurs in the ecosystem of private companies, non-profits, and foundations whose missions involve addressing social challenges, including, for example, public health, neighborhood empowerment, and education. The scope of their work can range from a global to hyper-local.

Como involucrarnos en la economia de impacto

Organizaciones que involucran a este sector

Types of organizations that make up this sector include:


Non-profit organizations: purpose-driven organizations focused on addressing social issues.

Social enterprises: for-profit organizations with a double bottom line – a stated mission focused on creating improvements in human well-being, in addition to being commercially viable.

Philanthropy: foundations, limited liability companies, or individuals focused on funding other mission-driven organizations.

Advocacy: organizations or associations including media/communications companies, working to change attitudes, policies or practices on social issues, ranging from broadly ideological to issue-specific.

Impact investors: firms and individuals that invest in companies, organizations, and funds with the intention of generating social or environmental benefits in addition to a financial return.

Samsa Videos’s team believe it is really important that companies start adopting this point of view while making business, in which world, sustainability and society must be the priority when it comes to creating a value proposition through a service or product.

You don’t have to make a great effort to see how human beings have damaged the world over time by not looking at how their product or service would impact the world and society. 

Let’s work together for a better world and a better society!

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Impact Economy

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