Orionpharma Case Study:


One of the best things about animated video content in regards to the pharmaceutical industry, is the possibility of easily explaining mechanisms of action and application methods. Animation allows us to show objects of different size and shape from different perspectives, in a very unique way that was not possible before.
In this case study, we will review the explainer video we created for Orion Pharma, the Spanish subsidiary of Orion Corporation, a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Finland.


Challenges and particularities of the process

When it comes to working with 3D models from real existing objects, a very important thing to consider is the existence (or not) of the design blueprints for the object in question. Having them can save a lot of time. In this particular case, we had to design the device EasyHaler from scratch which turned out to be pretty challenging.

We normally introduce reference images into our software in order to guide the modeling process. We can use six different orthogonal views, with no perspective: Right side view, Left side view, Frontal view, Rare view, Zenith or Bird’s eye view, and Nadir view. Construction plans for the object are placed following the different views, in order to have an exact geometrical map. In this case, because we couldn’t use the device’s blueprints, we used images of it and compared it to different size references in order to get the proper shape from every different angle. We are very proud of our team’s expertise, which allowed us to recreate the actual device without having the engineering blueprints.

Foundation for the artistic proposal

Tools and techniques

As the goal was to explain now the device works, there was no room for abstractions or embellishments. The main concept was realism and that’s why we decided to use 3D animation.
We had great input from the client regarding the mechanism of action of the device and what actually happens inside of it. 2D animation was used for the supporting on-screen text, showing the different steps the user must follow when using inhaler. Last but not least, the video shows how the drug works on the patient’s lungs.

Final comment

We are glad to say that the client was really happy with the final product. We consider that the way to explain the mechanism of action of the inhaler was very good, explaining it step by step and in a very clear way, with an outstanding level of animation.

Samsa Videos - "Orionpharma"

Project Manager: Victoria De Genaro
Product modeling: Javier Hodara
Scene modeling: Javier Hodara
3d animation: Javier Hodara
Lighting and texture: Edwar Banquet
2d animation: Sofi Peinetti , Victoria De Genaro y Sara De Francisco