The New Digital Dimension

Our proposal is based on the development of the new digital paradigm, web3D. The use of 3D elements and interactivity has come to enhance the quality of digital communication.

3D content transforms the way companies create and manage visual content for their platforms.

What's WEB3D?

This technology has completely disrupted the ecommerce industry, generating new possibilities for presenting products, thereby increasing key performance indicators (KPIs) and improving sales.

First Steps

The first step to integrating into web3D is to digitize products, meaning to portray products in a hyper-realistic 3D format. Once we have the 3D modeling of a product, we already have the asset that will allow us to generate a series of interactive and non-interactive content to enhance how we present and explain products in a digital environment.

Below, we present a series of real and digitized products so that they can visualize their realism.

Content Ecosystem

As mentioned earlier, with 3D modeling, we already have the foundation to develop a functional and attractive content ecosystem aimed at improving every point of contact with the user.

Each product has different attributes and market circumstances, such as reviews, competition, profitability, etc. That is why each product/category of products must have its own content strategy based on its objectives.

Below, we present the possibilities for developing segmented content based on the stages of the funnel/objectives of each one, and our proposal for content packs according to different objectives.

Hyperrealistic Photos & Artístic Composition


Baner Display 3D

Videoproduct 3D

Explainer Video/Tutorial 3D

Promotional Video

Social Ads / Rmkt

3D Viewer & Augmented Reality

3D Viewer with Hotspots

3D Configurator

3D Interactive Banner

3D Catalog

Room Configurator

Success cases and Other Analytics

Here we showcase some real analytics demonstrating the impact of interactivity on e-commerce and sales.

Samsung Watch Case 

  • 41 seconds Total Attention Time

  • 2+ Million Impressions

  • +19% Higher Engagement

Carmina Shoemaker

  • Sales increased by 23%

    • 73% on Desktop

    • 27% on Mobile  

  • Reduction of catalog management costs by 60%

Johnson & Johnson

  • 52 sec dwell time. 

  • 13.5% CTR vs 0,8% en static.

  • Over 15k Interactions.

Here we show you statistics on the use of these technologies on Amazon, according to Amazon.



So you can see how the 3D viewer and augmented reality work with one of your products firsthand, we’ve created a demo with CROSS STEP FXS1506.

Click on the following link and you’ll be able to see how this works.

Also, we present a reference from your industry already operating on Amazon with the 3D Viewer and Augmented Reality functions.

Access the link from a mobile phone.


Finally, we present a budget for conducting a test for the following products on the respective marketplaces.

Click the button to view the Louisville product spreadsheet for conducting the test.

Quantity of 3D Models: 17 units
- 17 3D Models + 3 Hyperrealistic Photos per SKU
- 12 units of 360º Rotation (Home Depot Products)
- 1 Videoproduct
- 1 3D Banner Display (2 formats)
Production Time: 5 to 6 weeks

- 30% Discount Included