Samsa Videos was born from the passion for the didactic and pedagogical capacity of animation. We believe in the power of explainer videos as a form of dynamic representation, and we believe in technological innovation as a tool to achieve a sustainable world.

This call arises from the need to explain and publicize new existing developments to a population that is not yet familiar with them.

As we understand that communication is essential to transmit identity, and that video is the best way to communicate, we will offer the production of a video to the company that stands out for its technological innovation, its impact and its projection.

We are looking for avant-garde companies that are committed to a renewable future.

You’ll like this promotion if...

  • You are a company that wants to communicate its value proposition through digital media in a dynamic, simple and attractive way
  • You want to test the potential of video as a communication tool.
  • You want more brand recognition
  • You want to improve your results on digital media analytics metrics.

You’ll receive...

  • A dynamic, simple, attractive and 100% free explainer video to communicate your value proposition.
  • All the graphic pieces developed throughout the video production process.
  • High quality content to get more traffic to your website, or have a prescriber contact you.

¿What does this promotion include?

  • Graphic package development to complement your brand manual or fulfill that role in case you don’t have it.
  • Creation of an exclusive visual concept for your proposal, product or service.
  • Advice on possible strategies and uses for the finished product.

What will we take into account when choosing?

  • The degree of technological innovation of the project or company.
  • The impact it has or will have on the market, the environment and society.
  • The stage of development of the project.
  • The projection of the company or undertaking.

Characteristics of this call:

Starts: April 27th
Ends: May 14th
Selection period: May 17th to May 21th.
Winner Announcement: May 25th
Prize: 45-second video on the company’s value proposition. Samsa will have freedom to work on the proposal. You provide the WHAT, we provide the HOW. Samsa bears 100% of the project costs.

To participate in the call
you must fill in the following fields:

To keep up to date with news and the results of the call, follow us on LinkedIn.

To keep up to date with news and the results of the call, follow us on our LinkedIn account.