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We are a Motion Design StudioWe know how to tell stories. Using shapes and movement to transform your message into didactic, efficient and attractive animated content.

Here you can find our updated Reel for 2022, a description and comparison of our main products and our portfolio.

In the link below you can see a short presentation about Samsa and the way we work!

Our products


A simple way to teach based on examples and provide information to carry out any task or process.


Designed to turn a complex topic into something simple.


Fun and attractive videos designed for marketing campaigns, web platforms and social networks.


Fun and attractive videos designed for web platforms and social networks.


Fun and attractive videos designed for web platforms and social networks.

Low complexity

High complexity










Educational didactic content

An easy way to train your crew or to show a process step by step. These videos are design to teach and convey information in an easy and efficient way.

90 seconds



Videos made to explain a digital system, platform or mechanism, clearly and step by step. Made using recorded screens, frame captures, infographics and simple, but stylish, animations.

This option is designed to explain all sorts of devices, products and machines. We can create technical designs and representations, and also work metaphorically.

Small (6)

Small (6)




Informative content with commercial motives

Videos to turn your complex idea into something simple and easy to understand. We can condense a pile of text and turn it into a clear, brief and visually appealing video.

60 seconds



Infographic explainer video, based on shapes and icons, with a minimalistic style. Stylish and clear to understand videos to efficiently convey your message.

The standard explainer brought to the next level, by combining 2D animation with other techniques and resources, in order to create a more powerful message.

Medium (8)

Large (13)




Marketing and Advertising

Attractive eye-catching videos tailored to get the attention of your target audience. High-impact commercial designed to succesfully showcase a brand or product.

30 seconds



High-level advertising content. Advanced 2D animation with the addition of other techniques, such as 3D animation and cell animation.

The evolution of the standard commercials. This advanced option takes quality one step further, including hyper realistic rendering, and fluid and particle simulations.

Large (13)

Large (14)



More examples

Production Process

We can compare the process of making a video with a road trip with different stops. We will need to get gas on the way and drive though cities and towns. Something similar happens with animation, everything starts with an idea y ends with a finished videos, but there’s a lot going on in between. Take a look at how we do it!

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Terms & Conditions

Quantity Discounts

Based on the amount of videos, their quality and length, we can tailor for you package deals and offer quantity discounts. Please, note all these videos need to be produced simultaneously.

Multiple Languages

It’s possible to translate the video to multiple languages and/or add subtitles to it. We will need to quote this separately, considering which and how many languages are we translating the video to and its length.

Production Time

Suggested production periods for each type of video suppose two (2) days of feedback. If you need more time to review and approve the progress of the work, it will be necessary to adjust the estimate.


All of the material produced will be property of the client, including illustrations, characters and animations. Samsa Videos reserves the right to share the final product for promotional and marketing purposes, unless the client expressly requests otherwise..


We require a 50% advance payment before we start production, and the remaining 50% to be finalized once the final version is approved.

Final Delivery

The final delivery will be in 4K, in MP4 or MOV format and through Google Drive or WeTransfer. All illustrations and designs developed for the project will be included.