Why videomarketing?

Simple; videomarketing works, because video is the most attractive content. It is the tool that provides the best results within a content strategy.
This is based on the “law of least effort”, the less effort the user has to make, the more likely he is to access the content. It is not enough to give the user the necessary information, but we must offer the information in the way the user wants it.
Videomarketing proposes a solution for both, the person who wants to communicate makes sure that the fundamental information is transmitted, and the person who wants to be informed quickly obtains the essentials and can evaluate whether to continue looking or not. All this in a maximum of 60 seconds.
We must adapt to new communication trends. At Samsa Videos we help you develop your videomarketing campaign effectively by focusing on generating quality content that communicates a concise and attractive message.

Three types of product


Fun and attractive videos designed for web platforms and social networks.


Designed to turn a complex topic into something simple.


A simple way to teach based on examples and provide information to carry out any task or process.


Benefits of videomarketing

The user obtains more real and dynamic information about the product or service. The user can see it with his/her own eyes to understand if it is what he/she needs.
Animated video helps us to show our brand identity. It is easier to perceive certain characteristics through a video than through a text.
The video increases the average duration of users on a website. We have better chances to have the user looking at a video than reading a text, and if they do, the possibility of the user contacting, informing and/or buying increases.
Google has been giving priority to video, showing those relevant videos within the Web sites in the first positions of the search engine. It also influences SEO, given the increase in the average duration of visits.

Animated videos give the possibility to explain complex and dense issues in a very simple and clear way in less than 60 seconds.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, a video shows and tells better than text or a picture. Video marketing provides very high levels of credibility.

How to design a videomarketing strategy

In order to design our video marketing strategy we must determine certain factors that will allow us to understand what type of videos we should develop and how to use them.


What is the objective that we intend to achieve with our video.

To share the company’s identity.

Support material for the sales team.

As a call to action in a landing page.


We must think about which channel(s) we will use the video(s). This is directly related to our objective.

Web site or specialised landing pages.

Social Networks or Content Platforms.

Advertising campaigns.


Once the objective and the channel have been defined, it is time to let the creativity fly to show our idea, brand identity and message in a cool video. Don’t worry, we are specialists in this.

Ready to step up your game

Ready to step up your game?

Ways in which we can use explainer videos

More about Videomarketing

If you want to get even more information about videomarketing, we invite you to see our case studies. Advantages and benefits of these resources applied to specific cases.

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