Torxx Case Study:


There are different ways to approach the production of a video presenting a product. How much time we have, or the type and amount of visual assets provided by the client, are a few of the variables that are going to determine the way we approach the production process of a video.
In this case study, we are going to explore the benefits of using digital blueprints provided by the Engineering Department of our client, using as an example the video we produced for Torxx, a solution driven company with the ability to develop, design and integrate sophisticated technologies to provide our clients with the best overall processing solution and cost. The goal of the video was to showcase their pulverizer machine and its functioning, highlighting the benefits and potential.


Challenges and particularities of the process

The main challenge of the project was the deadline. The client needed the video in 15 days, as they had plans to use it on their stand in Waste Expo 2021 in Las Vegas. We needed to produce a video showing the entire machine, simulating the process the material to be pulverized goes through.
When working with real engineering models, it is very important to be precise in showing how they work. Considering that a machine like this can’t be moved to shows and expos, it was very important to provide the most accurate representation possible, for possible clients to be able to see and understand how the machine works. Following this logic, we also had to show what happens inside the machine and how the kinetic pulverization process works. From all the scenes in the video, the one showing the inside and the way the material collides was definitely the most challenging. Instructions about this moment in the video were very precise and we had to be very careful not to give possible clients the wrong impression about the machine’s functioning. We chose to apply a transparency effect to the machine’s main drum, which allowed us to show quite accurately what actually happens inside without representation or abstractions. Multiple simulations were tried until we and the client were satisfied. We really like how it turned out.

Foundation for the artistic proposal

Tools and techniques.

We were able to produce the video on time for Waste Expo because Torxx provided the engineering blueprints for the machine. Having these available saved us the 3D modeling process, which can be a very complex and time consuming procedure. At the same time, this allowed us to invest more time in lighting and color details and the animation of the machine itself.

Regarding the background, we decided to use a clean infinite one with a shade of gray. This way, we were able to generate a stylish contrast between the greens of the machine, the metal parts and the background itself, focusing the attention of the viewer on the machine and its functioning.

In order to reinforce the message, we included 2d infographics complementing the voice over and providing the necessary information for the viewer to appreciate the beauty of this machine and to understand its functioning, parts and benefits.

Final comment

What makes us proud about this project, is the fact that we were able to make it on time by using the engineering blueprints of the machine provided by the client. This shows our team’s versatility and capacity. It was a great team effort together with the client, for them to have the best possible video for Waste Expo 2021.

Samsa Videos - "Torxx"

Desing: Javier Hodara, Arled Valencia
Animation : Javier Hodara, Matias Celis, Arled Valencia