Ultimate Solutions Case Study:


There are no specific formulas when producing a corporate video. Depending on the client, the industry, and the target audience, videos can take various forms.

In this Case Study we analyze the corporate video we made for Ultimate Solutions, an engineering company specializing in automation, vision and inspection solutions, serialization and validation in the packaging area.


Challenges and particularities of the process

Ultimate Solutions is a company from Puerto Rico, with a strong presence in the United States. However, on the eve of their expansion into the European region, they decided to develop a video that could capture it, while also showing the company’s international way of working. The objective was then to communicate the presence of the company in Spain and in the rest of Europe, focusing on the representation of the spirit of the company, and to publicize its offices in the wonderful Madrid Science Park, and in Barcelona.

Taking into account the particularities of the project, we considered using a combination of 2D animations and film. At the very beginning, the challenge was to exploit this fusion of techniques, thus making the best use of every second of video available. The Storyboard stage was one of the key points of the creative process. There, we decided how we would distribute both techniques. The filming material worked as a way of contextualizing, showing the physical space of the company, some fragments of its production process, and the Head of Business Development in Spain. In turn, 2D animation was used as a guiding tool between scene and scene, as an infographic tool to display data not mentioned in the voice over, and to graphically accompany those that had been mentioned.

Foundation for the artistic proposal

Tools and techniques.

In this particular case, the client had no reference in mind. So, taking into account our experience with Instaroom, we made the decision to use the aforementioned fusion of techniques, but without anchoring the filming material to a blank background interview format. As the idea was to be able to show the offices and convey the company’s presence in the region, filming the interviewees in their workspace turned out to be the most consistent decision.

We used Adobe Premiere for video editing, and After Effects for the development of all 2D animation pieces. The choice of sound, in line with the type of video, was subtle, avoiding all kinds of possible distractions to the story, but providing a technological and futuristic essence.

The concept behind the design was born in the script instance, but it was afterwards refined. The main idea was to play with a particle that unified the entire story, making the basis for the narration and scene to scene conduction. To arrive at the final design, we first started from the company’s logo, and we then looked for resources, icons and colors within its graphic world. We used a lot of iconographic representation, as this particle was leading the story, mutating and putting together the diverse infographics, the baseboards, and then the map of Spain and Europe, indicating the cities with which Ultimate Solutions works.

Final comment

The final result was super positive: we created a piece of content that conveyed the message in an extremely professional, impressive and natural way.

The client was very satisfied with the final video. So satisfied that there are even new developments to come for its various delegations around the world! Another work that gives us the certainty of how well filming and animation can complement each other when transmitting a 360-degree message.