Uses and applications of animated tutorial videos

Uses and applications of Animated tutorial videos

One of the biggest challenges companies currently have is to find effective ways of communicating and sharing information; whether we are reaching to current clients, trying to find new ones or even training new members of our own organization. Tutorial videos are a great alternative for this, because they are a very useful tool to explain complex procedures and concepts, in a very dynamic and attractive way.

Usos de videos tutoriales dentro de una estrategia de contenidos

Animated tutorial videos are a learning tool, a system that simulates a teacher, showing the different steps of certain procedures or the instructions to perform a task. They are a highly effective method to transfer knowledge and information, being far more attractive than books or lectures; whether it’s to promote our product or service, to communicate with clients or even coaching our sales reps or customer service team.

The uses and applications of tutorial videos are practically endless. We can classify them in two big groups,  internal or external, depending on whether the final user of our videos are our clients or if the video is intended for employees and members of our organization. In order to better explain this classification, we will present some examples.

como usar videotutoriales dentro de una estrategia de contenidos

Animated tutorial videos for internal uses

Training and support of the customer service team

From the different departments that form a company, customer service staff has one of the highest turnovers. Animated tutorial videos are a very effective way to keep the new members of the team duly trained. These types of videos give us the possibility of explaining complex and confusing topics in a clear and simple way. 

This is a great benefit, not only for the company that is sending the message in a proper and effective way, but also for the employee, who will benefit from a more dynamic and efficient training.

Unlike other training methods, like a live instructor in a classroom, Animated tutorial videos are tools that the members of our organization will always be able to turn to, in order to solve any future doubts or to refresh concepts.

Beneficios de utilizar videos explicativos dentro de una estrategia de contenidos

Sales and marketing support materials

Especially dealing with medium and big companies, the process from the initial proposal to the final delivery is often long, with numerous stages and involving  a considerable amount of people from different departments. Even if our sales team is great and able to communicate our proposal in the best possible way, the message can lose strength and effectiveness, once it starts circulating through the internal channels and different steps within our client’s organization. 

Animated tutorial videos are a great tool for our sales team, allowing our message to remain strong and uniform during the entire process. If our client is considering different suppliers or if our proposal must be evaluated by several departments, an animated tutorial video is a highly effective way to communicate our message, in order to create the proper impact on the decision maker.

Animated tutorial videos for external uses

Help section, FAQs and general content

A very popular resource when it comes to organize the most requested information on our website, is the Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQs). But the average internet user is less and less willing to read, so more and more websites are replacing the text content on their help or FAQs sections, for short tutorial videos. The most effective and efficient way to organize the content is to create 30 seconds videos, all of them following a similar look, having the possibility of explaining complex or confusing topics, in a short, more simple and clear way.

Besides allowing us to present our message in a more dynamic way, videos increase the average time a user will spend on a website, being a more attractive kind of content than, for example text, achieving at least that the visit is not considered a rebound. Together with this, by increasing the user’s time on our website, it also increases the possibility of the user making contact or performing a sale.

General web content

These arguments also support the use of animated tutorial videos in the major sections of our website, where we offer the main information about our products and services. Through video, the user is able to obtain better and more dynamic information about our product or service, presented before their eyes in a simple and attractive way. Moreover, animated tutorial videos give us the possibility to convey our brand identity in a highly effective visual way, because every resource, tool, transition and sound effect are based on the brand’s essence.

Whether we are communicating with a client or an employee, we need to make sure we are sending our message in a clear way, so they can understand and learn how a certain product or service works. In these circumstances, animated tutorial videos are definitely a great tool. If we are reaching out to our target audience, we want them to evaluate fast and easy if our proposal is right for them. And last but not least, our team’s performance will improve if they understand better how to perform their task, being able to go back to the content as many times as they want.

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Use of Animated tutorial videos

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