Animated video tutorials

Animated video tutorials are designed to explain the step-by-step of any process. They are simple videos that use the advantages of animation to explain concepts visually and quickly, saving time and avoiding boredom.

Animated explainer videos are designed to make a complex topic simple in 60 seconds or less

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    Benefits of Animated video tutorials

    Video tutorials or animated training videos have the advantage of synthesizing explanations that would take several minutes without the assistance of graphics. Unlike text or voice, animated graphics require less time and effort to be understood.
    In addition, it is possible to recycle old courses or video recordings with the use of new custom-made animations, so that we can give a new look to our previous work.


    Factors to take into account for the realisation of video tutorials

    In order to facilitate understanding, it is necessary to avoid the use of visual elements that are distracting and do not provide information. It is very important that the design and the animation are pleasant and dynamic, but it is also important that they are as minimalist as possible and that each element has a precise pedagogical role. This also allows us to reduce working hours, reducing costs and production times.


    Techniques for Animated video tutorials

    The three most commonly used techniques for making video tutorials are :

    Motion Graphics 2D: A fully animated video where we develop infographics, comparative tables, maps and conceptual networks.

    Filmed classes with animations: Footage of specialists or teachers, which can be filmed in various ways, mixed with animations and screenshots.

    Screen Videos: Animated screenshots of the platforms or systems to be explained, which is usually a simple and an economical way to explain the use of systems.

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