En este momento estás viendo Animation as a way of elevating your business idea

Animation as a way of elevating your business idea

Animation for business success

    Once you’ve decided you want to use video for your latest project, you need to decide what kind of video to create. There are two main kinds of videos: traditional and animated. A traditional video is filmed in a studio or on location and has human actors while an animated video can be anything you want it to be.

While there are good reasons to use one over the other, an animated video can be used in any situation while a traditional video can be limited. Here are a few reasons why we think animation for business success is the way to go.

Animated videos are much better and easy than tranditional videos

Animation make Complex Topics Become Simple

    One of the biggest challenges for businesses is trying to explain complex topics. Lets use a technology company for example. If you explain it with text, people won’t understand the technical terms and will leave confused. If you explain it with a traditional video, people can get confused with all of the different terms and how they work together. But if you explain it with an animated video, you can use graphical elements to simplify the various elements of the technology company.

An animation will also allow you to transmit more information. Since you are taking a graphical approach, you can talk about one thing while emphasizing it with graphics. For example, if you are a startup that works in real estate and you have a new way to find homes, you can talk about it during the video while showing graphics of how your program works behind the scenes. The graphics will give a the viewer a more intimate understanding of how your product works.

Easy to Customize

    It typically takes longer to create an animated video than it does a traditional video. But, one you have a traditional video created it can be very hard to edit. If you notice a word is missing or was said wrong, you might have to completely redo your video shoot with the same actors. But with an animated video, you can change colors, add or remove graphics, or edit the audio.

Think long term. If your product or processes might change in the future, you want to have a video that can be easily edited to match your changes. If you have a design team, some of those changes could even be done in house which could save you money in the long run. A traditional video will cost you time, energy and more money in the event that you need changes. Animation won’t. Who doesn’t like that?

No New Branding Needed

    Since the elements of an animated video are graphical, they can match any type of branding that your business has. Are you a boutique that has a classic feel or a cutting edge tech company that is completely modern? Both are as easy as swapping out graphics. Any type of branding can be matched without having to find specific costumes/clothing or settings to film in. We just create it ourselves.

All of your products can have the same style, which is pulled from your businesses branding. Different themes can even be shared from video to video, which lets you tell a more cohesive story about your products and helps reinforce your brands awareness.

Ready to be Shared on Social

First, let’s look at some stats on video marketing when it comes to social media. These were taken from a 2018 Wordstream article.  


  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter
  • YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of total internet users
  • 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week
  • 85% of the US internet audience watches videos online

I can rest my case, right? Video is one of the most consumed mediums on the internet today. Just scroll through your Facebook or Twitter page and its full of them. It’s that way because videos on social generate 1200% more shares than test and images combined according to Responsive Inbound Marketing Blog.


Animated videos are often vibrant and colorful. When you share or promote your video on social media, they will stand out against the other text posts and videos.

If you want a fun, creative and captivating video for your business, look no further than an animated video. Samsa specializes in animated explainer videos for all kinds of business and industries.

Animation for business success

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